Teacher Training

100 Hour – Teacher Training – Learn To Teach Yin Yoga
Who is this training designed for?This Training is designed for teachers and dedicated practitioners with at least 2 years of
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200 Hour Teacher Training
Ready to take your practice to a whole new level?Gain a deeper understanding of the many layers of yoga, advance
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300 Hour Teacher Training
Advance Your Career: You know the basics to give your students an intelligent and effective yoga class. Now become a
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Kids Yoga Teacher Training I
Kids Yoga Teacher Certification Course is a 230 Hour.Teaching Yoga to children has many rewards - such as, giving children
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Yoga For Health – Chikitsa (Therapy) Teacher Training
This is an in-depth A one week-long  training into the details underlying the practice and teaching of Yoga with it's
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Stand – Alone Classes

Certificate in Meditation
Meditation is the art of mindful concentration and relaxation. During meditation there is an increase in alpha waves in the
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Nutrition & Ayurveda
Learn the core concepts of Ayurveda, including its philosophical approach and its practical applications. You’ll delve into study and practice
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Continuing Training

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