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Reiki Level (I-II-III)

About this course

The Yoga Om Student Programs for Reiki Training Attunement/ Ceremony Process:

The attunement process used by the yoga om in all Reiki classes is a combination of the Usui system and a special Tibetan technique. It is thought that Reiki originated in Tibet, therefore, the use of the Tibetan technique and symbols creates a stronger connection with the origins of Reiki. The addition of the Tibetan attunement technique to the Usui system of attunements has greatly improved their quality. This unique attunement process was developed over time to be more powerful and to bring in a wider range of attunement energies than the original Usui system. In Reiki III the Usui/Tibetan method of giving attunements is taught along with the original Usui system of attunements.
Students wishing to practice the original Usui system of Reiki can easily do so as all additions to the Usui system are clearly explained in class.
Additions the Yoga Om has made to the original Usui system came from inner guidance and experience in spiritual development. They were added only after they had been thoroughly tested and were proven to enhance the Usui system.

Questions to Ask about Reiki Training

For yourself:

•    Should I study Reiki at this time?
•    Do I feel in my heart that I should study with this instructor?
•    Is this beneficial learning partner for me?
•    Am I willing to commit to regular practice so that this method (indeed, any method!) may yield results?

1. Reiki Level 1: The First Degree
Typically the Level 1 course also includes an overview of the history of Reiki, hand placements and self and group practice.

2. Reiki Level 2: Second Degree
Due to the intensity of the attunement process, sometimes we recommend that at (least 21 days to a full three months pass between receiving the Level 1 and Level 2 attunements (Level 1 is required to receive Level 2).

3. Reiki Level 3: Third Degree & Reiki Master
This represents a deep commitment to the Reiki practice, and some feel that significant time should pass between achieving the Second Degree status and Master Level. Because the Master Level is taught in a wide range of methods, you should meditate on which path feels right for you and spend time and consideration in selecting a Master.