Courses in Teacher Training

Kids Yoga Teacher Training I

Kids Yoga Teacher Certification Course is a 230 Hour.

Teaching Yoga to children has many rewards - such as, giving children the life skills necessary to cope in a more hectic world. Children, in the present time, are exposed to much more pressure than we were.

 Now, you can specialize in this exciting field - teaching children the healthy benefits of Yoga practice. At a time when physical education is being cut back in many schools, Kids Yoga is really needed and in demand.


Instructor:  Joy McLeod
already started
$ (tax incl.)$ 850 (tax incl.)

200 Hour Teacher Training

Ready to take your practice to a whole new level?

Gain a deeper understanding of the many layers of yoga, advance your practice, develop confidence, and find your voice. For those who want to teach, our comprehensive teacher training program will mark the beginning of your successful career as a yoga teacher.

 History Of Yoga

Philosophy Of Yoga

Meditation & Stillness  

Anatomy & Physiology

Pranyama & Bandhas
Study of Asana

Practice :
- Foundation
- Standing
- Balance
- Inversions
- Arm Balance
- Back Bends
- Floor Wrok
- Savasana
- Restorative

Chandra Namaskar
Alignment & Assisting

The Practice Of Teaching

Business Of Yoga
Student Library Reference

Instructor:  Joy McLeod
already started
$ (tax incl.)$ 2,500 (tax incl.)

Yoga For Health – Chikitsa (Therapy) Teacher Training

This is an in-depth A one week-long  training into the details underlying the practice and teaching of Yoga with it's therapeutic aspects.
 One need not be a teacher to attend or even desire to be a teacher. Many participants attend simply to deepen their own practice.

This 40-hour course is an in-depth experience of the techniques of teaching and the refinements of practicing the Primary Series. You will have the unique opportunity to practice, study, and train with Joy McLeod, an internationally yoga teacher.

Instructor:  Joy McLeod
already started
$ 981 (tax incl.)