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Joy McLeod
Joy McLeod Director and Founder of The Yoga OM The path of ancestor's is over 6000 years into origin evaluation and development of yoga.Growing in a house hold where yoga presented as a religion. Joy started practicing her first yoga asana in a very young age. Her mom was her ...
Certificate in Meditation

About this course

Meditation is a mind-body practice with many methods and all variations.

We’ll cover the following content:

  • What is meditation?
  • What are the benefits of meditation?
  • How does meditation work?

    Thoughtless awareness:  If one closely examines the authentic tradition of meditation it is apparent that meditation is a discrete and well defined experience of a state called ‘thoughtless awareness’. This is a state in which the excessive and stress producing activity of the mind is neutralized without reducing alertness and effectiveness.

    Authentic meditation enables one to focus on the ‘present moment’ rather than dwell on the unchangeable past or undetermined future. It is this state of equipoise that is said to be therapeutic both psychologically and physically and which fundamentally distinguishes meditation from simple relaxation, physical rest or sleep.

  • Several yogic breathing exercises that serve to prepare you for a deep experience of meditation.
  • Thorough instruction in a balanced program of meditation that includes three techniques: chakra, mantra, and body-scan meditation.
  • All the practical Do’s and Dont’s around the practice of meditation.
  • Understanding the process of purification and restoration (physically, mentally, and emotionally) through meditation.

    Awareness changes through this process of purification. The fruits are quickly noticeable including new openness, trust, understanding, compassion, joy, and simplicity of life itself. Meditation practice gives our awareness an anchor inside ourselves. No longer a drift in the many physical and mental worlds around us, meditation pulls our attention back home. Life has meaning and purpose. Our own heart becomes our source, our base of support and guidance, our teacher, and mentor. Our own heart purifies our awareness until we fall into arms of love beyond anything we ever imagined in this world, no less ever expected to find inside of us.

    To get to this space of purification requires concentration. This begins with finding the time and space to practice meditation. This is not so easy in a busy, non meditative world. Silence, nature, the world of the sacred are the home for meditation practice. There is so much noise, distraction, and reason to argue instead of bowing down to sacred presence. Meditation is letting go of the importance of self and everything else for the golden presence within us, nature, and one another. We live in a world concentrated on seemingly everything but our center of being, the heart of life. Yet each of us knows this is where the treasure awaits us. Meditation is the map, the calling, the balance for our worldly life. The search for all we desire is forever limited until it includes the purification that occurs in the heart inside our heart.

  • A discussion of Self-realization and the process of gaining it through meditation.
  • Last 4 - 3 last weeks testing requirement time flexibility for tailored & elective testing by instructor (credit toward program completion).
  • Open discussion for taking your meditation program as a teacher (to teach)?
  • Duties / Ethics for leading Meditation class(s) at the yoga OM & opportunities.  

Applying for Certification in Meditation Teacher Program

There are rolling admissions for the Meditation Teacher Certification. To apply, you must submit:

  • The Student Application & Health Information Form
  • A 200–500 word essay on why you would like to become a meditation teacher/ taking this program?
  • 2 written personal recommendations
  • $35 non-refundable application fee.  You can pay the application fee here with Pay Pal, or call (704) 727-5120 with your credit card.
  • Shortly after all of the application materials have been received, you will be contacted to schedule a phone interview with Joy McLeod. 

The following is required prior to the start of the training.

  • Application & Health Form (PDF) become a meditation teacher!
  • Personal Recommendations

Application materials should be completed at the The YOGA OM or/and sent to the YOGA OM,

Attention: Registrar, 501 South Old Statesville Rd. Suite K, I & O

Questions? Contact an admissions counselor:

(704) 727-5120 or e-mail us:

Schedule Dates/Times:
Report time:  7am
Dismissal:  4pm
matins break:  10am
Lunch Break:  1pm

Becoming a Meditation Teacher

Upon successful completion of the program, you'll receive a certificate and will have everything you need to teach classes in mindfulness and meditation. You'll have the expertise to offer your students a variety of time-tested meditation techniques designed to give a new mediator a daily practice to enhance his or her life.

Whether you come to you to discover more inner peace, creativity, inspiration, harmony in relationships, fulfillment, better health, self-awareness, or to enhance your spiritual practice, this program that will help them do just that.

The Meditation Teacher Program will also certify you to teach the Simple, Easy, Every Day Meditation program. S for simple, E for easy, E for every, and D for day, the SEED Meditation.

  • Body/Breath Awareness Techniques Simple, Easy, Every Day Meditation Practice
  • Heart-Centered Breath
  • Visualization
  • Self-Inquiry Practice
  • Silent Mantra Meditation
  • Mindfulness Meditation

You will also be trained to facilitate meditation gatherings and discussions and to offer these additional mindfulness and meditation practices:

  • Peace finder Practices
  • Loving Kindness Meditation
  • Gratitude Meditation
  • Mindful Eating Meditation
  • Mindful Walking Meditation

As a certified meditation teacher you will likely be asked to present meditation classes and lead programs in a variety of settings. We'll teach you how to do just that--whether you are invited to present at a lunch-and-learn at a corporate headquarters, or to a classroom full of kids who want an experience of mindfulness. You'll have everything you need to do it and above all to take your practices to the next level too!

Questions? Contact an admissions counselor: (704) 727-5120