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Joy McLeod
Joy McLeod Director and Founder of The Yoga OM The path of ancestor's is over 6000 years into origin evaluation and development of yoga.Growing in a house hold where yoga presented as a religion. Joy started practicing her first yoga asana in a very young age. Her mom was her ...
Anatomy & Physiology

About this course

Human Anatomy Course Program is offered at the Yoga OM to study the structure and relationship of yoga movements. This program is perfect for practitioners and teachers. It covers all below subjects:
- Musculoskeletal System
- Digestive System
- Respiratory System
- Brain and Nervous System
- Heart and Cardiovascular System
- Kidneys and Urinary System
- Sense Organs: Eyes, Ears, Nose, Mouth, and Sense of Touch
- Reproductive organs and more

The Functional Anatomy with Yoga